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Gaint Balloon Custom Business Pilar

Dhs. 350.00

  Floats 10 to 15 days from time of inflation.
  Inflated with helium - this item will float.
  This item is Ready-To-Party™.

This product is available for delivery

Color Available

Can be done in different colors


Celebrate your business milestone with a festive bouquet, perfect for your office, anniversary party, and more! With large Balloon and colorful latex helium-filled balloons, you'll make a big statement! Choose your colors to personalize the look for your brand and business.

Color Palate & Finishing

Balloons - Latex - 36" Latex White 11" & 5" Balloons. Tied together with Tasssel and a weight. This is created on a rentable stand.

Dimensions 8ft

Balloon - biodegradable latex


The balloons may shrink when in cold air and expand outdoors and in hot temperature - please be careful and place them indoors in air-conditioning. Please note the balloons will also oxidize and become matte if they are placed outdoors. Float time may vary based on temperature, environment, and handling. Longevity is not guaranteed for any balloon taken outside.


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